An Augmented Reality Teaching by Dr. Gokoomis (Grandmother) Jacque Lavallee.


In this 5 minute AR teaching you will experience four short sequences that will share with you the meaning of Wendigo from Dr. Gokoomis Lavallee. Here you will learn about the ice age in Toronto and how kindness is our connection to the land, to the climate, and to each other.

To view this teaching please go to the following URL https://www.8thwall.com/jenniferwemigwans/wendigo on your smart phone or mobile device, or SCAN THE QR CODE. For the best experience, please wear headphones and remember to unmute your device.

When the website loads, you will be prompted to give device permissions to allow the AR (augmented reality) the ability to use your phone’s camera view and hardware – please accept them.

The experience will then launch by opening up your camera view. In this view, the teachings will appear as circles cohabitating with the space you are in. Think of them as objects in space that can be approached and looked at from different angles. When you’re ready to begin each teaching, point your phone at it and tap the phone’s screen to begin.

Production Credits for Wendigo AR Teaching:

Elder Gokoomis Jacque Lavallee from Shawanaga First Nation – Wendigo Teaching
Dr. Hopi Lovell Martin – Ceremonial Helper for Elder Gokoomis Lavallee
Dr. Jennifer Wemigwans –Indigenous Knowledge Helper/ Producer for AR project
Luke Garwood – Hybrid Media Designer and programmer for AR
James Rohr Sound Designer and Composer
Michelle Robert Graphic Illustrator/ Designer

Special Thanks To:

Emma Westecott at OCAD Digital Futures and Game Play Lab
Winston Bromley at Invert Media Inc.